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Lab Tested All Natural No PG, PEG, VG 100% Dank

26 reviews for Exotic Carts | Lemonade | Sativa | 1g

  1. Tina Bride

    “Not only was this my first time to Nature Med Inc., this was also my first time trying this strain, it was in a very nice pre-roll(free at that!).
    My husband who is a disabled veteran thought it was too heavy for him, after 3 hits of this lol, so I smoked most of it. I am a old school stoner from Cali., my husband is from MN. and newer to this whole MMJ thing. Being said that I am from Cali., I expect certain quali…”

  2. Mickel098

    “55% Sativa, 45% Sativa tested at 18.9% THC. Best of both, unique cucumber like flavor. “

  3. Franky6543

    “This stuff is amazing. The taste and the effects are equally as impressive as the look. I have really bad anxiety, and this stuff was great for getting stuff done without thinking twice. It is a very calming energetic high, of that makes any sense. It helps some with my body pain. It makes walking around a little more convertible. I also wouldn’t feel “to stoned” if I were to partake before I went into public. But if…”

  4. Leo420

    Bring out the Bob Marley Box Set, add some SUN, and a Cool beverage and get ready for a Very Stoney trip through Music Bliss! Brought home my first bag of BHW and ended up listening to several straight hours of Music! You will sit back after a few tok’s and go Whooa I am STONED!
    Very Heavy high! Nice and Sleepy when the music ends… A Solid 50/50 Hybrid with both Indica and Sativa effects.”

  5. Luckie Null

    “I picked up this strain last week, and i must say that it is one of the best strains i’ve come across recently. The Indica x Sativa cross relaxed me, but also allowed me to focus on daily activities i needed to accomplish. definitely recommend”

  6. Anold Tiddy

    “Gave me a good head change despite a high tolerance, without making me paranoid. And gave a boost of energy, without making me anxious.”

  7. Zack Taylor

    “Pleasant, nostalgic, even giddy high, like days in jr. high when Kona was the bomb! Smells like Christmas trees, tastes like pine and lightens the heart and mind. Perfect uplifting mood without being too medicated. I found it made the whole holiday with ALL the family, very enjoyable. Oh and added benefits of not breaking ornaments or dropping the turkey due to “just right” medicinal dose.”

  8. Willy009

    “Bruh…stoned. Ok, I got a Pura Earth cartridge of this delicious Exotic and it satisfied in every way. The buzz gave me straight up fuzzy eyes and the taste…the fucking taste. My exhale was straight up heaven. It did put me to sleep as soon as it wore off…But that ride was worth it. HAM sammich! 9/10 for sure. Not sure how the bud would smoke, but the concentrates Busta, what it is right now.”

  9. Porter L

    “Bought a couple grams of this from New Amsterdam Naturals in Los Angeles– awesome co-op, highly recommend their selection of connoisseur buds. This particular strain is bred by Cannabiotix, and it’s probably the terpiest flower I’ve encountered to date. Cracking the jar on this nasty gal is like opening a tub of Strawberry Lemonade Crystal Light, and instantly transported me to the kitchen of my childhood home,

  10. Theresa Bolt

    “Strawberry Lemonade packs a subtle, lemon, rose water flavor that lingers. This strain delivers a mental buzz and creative alertness. The energy is light and invigorating. The pain relieving qualities are impressive for mind and body.”

  11. Jasmine Ti

    “Very relaxing Sativa, great flavor. “

  12. Nicky Nick

    “great strain! great concentrate. gold drop oil cartridge. wonderful effects….energetic and uplifting! keeps me motivated on a Monday morning…better than expected. “

  13. Jerry J

    Excellent delivery and good quality products too no pesticide, nice smell, sure i will get bulk on this.

  14. Teddy

    “Absolutely the best tasting “clear” concentrate. Honestly tasted like I just ate a bunch of Starburst. Loved the soothing yet energetic buzz, very cerebral. It didn’t make me paranoid @ all. As I am primarily a Sativa smoker. 5*****”

  15. Elizabeth

    Very enjoyable high. Nice tingly feeling and relaxing at the same time. The smoke looked a little yellow in the exhale unbelievable!!

  16. Moyers

    my best strain

  17. Melissa J

    Muito agradável. Sensação de formigamento agradável e relaxante ao mesmo tempo. A fumaça parecia um pouco amarela na expiração inacreditável !!

  18. Washington

    This is by far my favorite sativa. It’s better than a morning coffee. Smells great, tastes amazing. It’s so lemony and get your butt up and do things. I don’t ever want to run out of it.

  19. John J. Wright

    A very flavorful bowkay with both a strong lemon inhale taste and exhale nodes obstetrics delight highly recommended

  20. Champion

    Dies ist bei weitem meine Lieblingssativa. Es ist besser als ein Morgenkaffee. Riecht gut, schmeckt toll. Es ist so zitronig und hebe deinen Hintern auf und mache Dinge. Ich möchte nie davon ausgehen.

  21. Glenn

    I had the best day with this strain. I’m on puff 3 where I would normally be on 8. In a great mood, goofy af according to my spouse. Kept me on a great cerebral level for a much longer time.

  22. Michele A. Dean

    im flying pretty high and still 98% functional.

  23. Wayne K

    It has the most incredible fruity lemonade smell and flavour that will transport you to childhood summer days. Very mild smoke no cough as well.

  24. Amerson

    Ideal for daytime usage.Lemonade cannabis strain’s high is potent and filled with inspiration-inducing imagination.

  25. Wilfred N. Belew

    As I tried this strand in concentrate form the first time. Very clean refreshing citrusy taste. the Terps remind me of almost of fresh lemon and cucumber water.

  26. Jenny J. Tucker

    first sativa dominant did not give me anxiety. It made me productive and not overly scattered. Concentrated, focused, why I felt at ease.

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