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Forbidden Fruit

sativa weedThis is an indoor/outdoor ready seed, though controlled environments are best. cannabis sativaExpect a flowering time of around 10 weeks and an average yield in the right conditions,forbidden fruit leafly

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Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit is the mouthwatering cross of Cherry Pie x Tangie. weed dispensary near meThis sumptuous genetic cross expresses a beautiful dense bud structure with deep purple hues, dark green foliage, and wiry orange hairs. weed grinder, the terpene profile is a perfect mixture of Cherry Pie’s musky, sweet cherry undertones and Tangie’s loud tropical flavors. types of weedsThere are also notes of pine, mango, and passionfruit candy. moon rock weedThe effects hit hard between the eyes and lay into the body with each hit. weed vaporizerForbidden Fruit’s deep physical relaxation and mental stoniness make it perfect for dulling minor physical discomfort and discarding stress.

A descendant of Tangie and Cherry Pie, Forbidden Fruit is a strain that is both named after sweets and sweet in flavor. is weed legal in californiaThe origins of this indica-leaning strain are difficult to pin down, but the original Forbidden Fruit was reportedly bred by a Santa Clara, weed firmCalifornia-based breeder from Chameleon Extracts. how to buy weed onlineIn this particular story, the breeder is said to have crossed a Tangie from Crockett Family Farm with Cherry Pie pollen from breeder Jigga, buying weed in californiathe creator of famous strains such as GSC (formerly Girl Scout Cookies) and Gelato.
According to Pacific Seedbank, which sells feminized Forbidden Fruit marijuana seeds developed by Advanced Genetics, buy weed seedsthis strain sprouts into a medium-size plant with dense buds that emit an earthy and fruity aroma. buy real weed onlineWith an average THC content of 24%, this seed bank’s version of Forbidden Fruit is reported to have a taste of citrus and pine. how to buy weedThis particular variety is also said to produce euphoric effects in its consumers. buy weed onlineForbidden Fruit can be grown either indoors or outdoors, with a flowering period of nine to 10 weeks when grown indoors, and producing medium to high yields.

About Forbidden Fruit

Eve had the right idea – that is if she were reaching for this particular Forbidden Fruit. weed for sale onlineApples are great and all, but we assure you once you’ve tried this strain, you’ll have a hard time imagining Eden with anything else. weed edibles for sale onlineThis 70/30 hybrid is made by crossing two extremely flavorful and effects-heavy strains, Cherry Pie and Tangie, to create a well-balanced, delicious nighttime bud.

The THC levels in this indica-dominant strain are regularly reaching heights of 26% or more, giving users a powerful high that begins in your head, but rounds out with you completely couch locked and/or asleep. weed edibles for saleAs its parentage would suggest, this is a flavorful bud packed with bright cherry sweetness, tropical fruitiness, citrus and pine tones, and a smooth musky aftertaste. weed bongs for saleThe aromas of pine, lemon, and cherry complement the rich coloring of this forest green rocky nugget. weed wackers for saleTo round out the aesthetic these buds are covered in bright green trichomes, sticky resin, and a thin spattering of orange hairs.

If Forbidden Fruit’s flavor profile didn’t get you, the high certainly will. weed pipes for saleThis smooth burning bud offers users a break from coughing fits and induces an immediately chill mind, great for unwinding at the end of the day. forbidden fruit leaflyThis nightcap strain builds through the head and neck, making its way to the rest of your body with an almost tranquilizer-like relaxation and will almost instantly give you that sleepy feeling. weed for saleThough it won’t completely knock you out right away, this strain is euphoric and uplifting but definitely aims to give you a great night of sleep.

Forbidden Fruit may sound daunting when you hear it, but this plant actually isn’t too hard of a grow. sativa side effectsIt is recommended for those with skills at least intermediate level or above. sativa weedThis is an indoor/outdoor ready seed, though controlled environments are best. cannabis sativaExpect a flowering time of around 10 weeks and an average yield in the right conditions

As rare as its name might suggest, this strain is not totally impossible to find, though you might have a good go at it. best indica strainsBecause it’s not totally clear what countries or states offer this gem, you may have to do a bit of research to get your hands on it. lagerstroemia indicaWith that being said, once you’ve tried it, you’re unlikely to get it off your mind. sativa and indicaThis Forbidden Fruit is one that even the snake would keep for himself.

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21 reviews for Exotic Carts – Forbidden Fruit – Indica – 1g

  1. Pedro E. Wright

    We feel like, mmmmm. You know?

  2. C. Rice

    Five stars alone for the smell! SMELL: I think it smells more generally “fruity” but my boyfriend smells “peach”.

  3. Thomas M

    Smells great, tastes great, highs great!! A new top favorite!!!!!!!

  4. Jeffrey L. Treat

    Forbidden Fruit has a fantastic smell; the mango really comes out for me. The taste is okay. Being a moderate stoner, I found Fbf to be a bit weak. It definitely requires a few extra hits to get a nice high going.

  5. D. Brown

    Me and my boyz smoked this… amazing! Gold memories!! Ossaablesss🤩🤩🇧🇷✌🏽

  6. Cassidy

    the Flavor is questionable but its gives you a good high that last for awhile

  7. Opal G

    The high is good, it smells good. Taste is sweet almost for me. It’s good for my naps. But god does it make me eat. All in all not bad but not a favorite.

  8. Brown

    I smoke this in the early evening and it just makes my body slowly relax. Amazing for easing into sleep. Makes you really giggly and just enjoy life a little more. Very anxiety relieving. Smells like passionfruit, and the black buds we got look so beautiful. The smoke has a lavender smell to it.

  9. Rebecca

    Never seen a stain like this one it hits and smells so different.

  10. Benton

    My first experience with this strain was definitely a game changer. I had always heard people talk about ‘purp’, but this was my first through and through experience with it. At this time, the aroma of the strain was one that you dont forget. The Forbidden Fruit smelled like grapefruit.

  11. Constance W

    Easily my favorite so far. Made me appreciate life, feel happy, and did not make me sick or dizzy

  12. Prettyman

    I gotta say that this was some good stuff. The high was consistent and level and a gradual fall off for me. I slept really well with it.

  13. Marisol J. Petty

    Smelled like straight up grapefruit. Beautiful taste. Best high I’ve had in a while

  14. Ruben

    This is one of my favorites it relaxes me and usually my bedtime calm down smoke smells super strong of like grapefruit a lot of blue and purple

  15. Thomas C

    I recently tried Forbidden Fruit for the first time and I absolutely love it. While I prefer vaporizing, I did smoke once just to experience the taste both ways. Wonderful strain.

  16. Frances K. Mouton

    Not a fan of the taste. It taste like if i was vaping from a wax pen, some like the taste of pens, but me personally i do not. It also gives you a deep feeling in your face between your eyes.However it helps me alot with my sleep and eating too. Very relaxing.

  17. A. Prince

    smoke dis strain if u wanna die bruv. make u feel proper good mongo like day in day owt. deala duz it 25 anall my man big up

  18. Carter

    As far as smell goes hands down the best! And taste as well. Would only use for nights, because its a KO! Would highly recommend!

  19. Christopher

    One of the best smelling and tasting bud I’ve ever had. Tastes very tropical with very strong citrus flavoring. The smell is great as well. Makes me get very sleepy though!

  20. Burriss

    Not for rookies

  21. C. Jamison

    It was great i felt calm and sleepy, very hungry,horny it was awesome

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