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9 Reviews

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Cali Kush got the following smells

  • Earthy
  • 2. Sweet
  • 3. Citrus
    Cali Kush is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through a powerful three-way cross of the infamous Skunk #1 X Big Bud X Korean strains. Cannabis Home Delivery USA, Although the exact indica to sativa ratio varies based on breeder practices, How To Buy Cannabis Online, this bud is sought after for its heavy indica effects and cerebral stone. Buy Kush near me, The high starts with a calming lift that leaves you happy and relaxed with a sense of lazy tranquility and slight creative energy. Marijuana for sale onlineThis slowly fades into a subtle couch-lock that isn’t too sedative but still leaves you hungry and at ease from head to toe. As the high builds, you’ll become more and more introspective and spacey, not able to focus on anything around you. These effects coupled with its THC level that typically hits above 19% make Big Skunk Korean perfect for treating conditions such as appetite loss, chronic stress or anxiety, fatigue, chronic pain, and depression.


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Buy Cali Kush Online

Cali Kush must have been a no-brainer, Cali Kush for sale online when it came time to name this strain given the popularity of Kush varieties in The Golden State. discreet Cali Kush for sale online
Its buds are large and dense with few leaves and not many pistils. Marijuana for sale online, The flowers will be light green shot through with icy blue and packed with trichomes throughout. where to buy Cali Kush online, Cali Kush buds have a fruity citrus aroma with the darker coffee notes of a kush. Cannabis Shop, Spicier tones and the coffee kushness are more apparent in the taste. How To Buy Marijuana Online, The indica-dominant variation of this hybrid has been more popular, Weed for sale onlinebut a sativa-dominant version has also been spotted.

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9 reviews for Buy Cali Kush Online

  1. Ruby J. Satterfield

    great strain if youre feeling down. you dont really need to smoke very much to feel the effects and it tastes super good.

  2. Carmen K

    love it. just what I need after a hard days work. relixes me extremely well. this is a very good hybrid to smoke.

  3. Heaney

    it actully has an incredible taste and its kinda mentholy and smooth hit aswell i recommend this for beggers but also veterans because the relaxation is amazing

  4. Robert D

    OK. Felt like more mild 50/50 hybrid of OG kush. Mild in taste and effect.

  5. Weinstein

    was a happy, relaxed buzz. Potent, but not over the top.

  6. Davidson

    This strain is awesome but I don’t recommend trying it until all of your tasks for the day have already been completed. It leaves me feeling lazy.

  7. Samuel A. Bragg

    Very nice smell, sweet and fruity. Good joint to go along with a movie

  8. Johnston

    Wow Cali Kush is a great strain. As I took couple grav pipe kits, I could instantly feel a slight uplifted state of mind. Then as soon as I knew it I felt as if my brain was being massaged from the the inside of my skull. I also was able to imagine that would look like, so definitely full of good thinking…

  9. Edward

    Hey y’all, strain of the day today is cali kush . This is a hybrid strain that pending on the batch, it may lean more #indica or more sativa heavy. These particular nuggets were way indica dominant . The flowers are large dense deep green orange haired beauties that have very few leaves

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